Cephalofair Games New Marketing and Support Staff and More Updates

October 20, 2023

Cephalofair Games New Marketing and Support Staff and More Updates

Good day! Happy update Friday, and I hope everyone is doing well. Essen Spiel ended up being a great success for the team, while we also continued to plug away on all the projects back home. Before I get into updating you on that progress, though, I'd like to announce the addition of two new staff members here at Cephalofair Games!

I am happy to inform you that Monica Paprocki has joined us as our new marketing manager, while Aaron Hoyt is coming on as our new community support specialist. They are both very intelligent and capable people who have already helped us out tremendously at conventions and elsewhere, so I am super-excited to have them officially join the team!

Monica Paprocki Marketing Manager Cephalofair Games

 As Marketing Manager, Monica will be helping to craft updates and make sure you are informed about everything that is going on over here.

You’ve seen me as the Banner Spear, or the Geminate, or the Deathwalker. Now see me in my new form - Cephalofair Games new Marketing Manager. Working for Cephalofair as a cosplayer since 2019 has me dreaming of working for the company full-time. And I am so happy and excited that they have given me this opportunity. I have gotten to know the folks at Cephalofair over the years and our team has a lot of hard working employees that I have enjoyed being around with at conventions. Not only am I bringing my creativity to my position, but also more than 10 years of experience being an accountant and business experience for running my own company.

P.S. you will still see me in cosplay every now and then, except for meeting days at conventions. And I will still make weapons and props here and there, as needed.

Look out for what we have in store for you, Mercenaries! It’s going to be an exciting year ahead.

- Monica


Aaron Hoyt Customer Support Specialist

 Aaron will be on the front lines as the community support specialist, answering requests sent to support@cephalofair.com, but also being more present on this page to make sure your questions are answered here as well.

We're hoping that as we move forward, both of them should help improve communication with all of you. For more information on them both, you can read our official announcement here [link to official announcement].

And that's not even all the staffing we've been doing over here. Next update, we will finally have some more concrete information on the RPG and some other announcements pertaining to that.


On the scheduling front, Price provided some excellent summaries of where we are with all our projects in the last update, and there haven't been any changes to any of that except for Buttons & Bugs, so let's talk about that.

To be completely transparent, we have hit some additional delays here. Some of the graphic design work we were expecting to be finished by now required some additional revisions, and then will need to go through an additional editing pass. In addition, the learn-to-play guide that we are including in the box turned out to be a little trickier to put together than we anticipated, given the small size and how much information we wanted to include. It is being finished up for an editing pass as well, but is a bit behind. Our current plan is to get the files to the printer by the end of the month.



With that said, I did want to talk a little more about what to expect when learning to play Buttons & Bugs. Included in the box will be a learn-to-play guide that should jump-start you into the first scenario of the game, so you can get started as quickly as possible and learn as you go. This won't be the complete set of rules, as there are a lot of them and it's a small box. Instead, we intend to have a much more comprehensive rules document online that is easily searchable and referenceable as you play if you have any questions.

In addition, we are also working closely with Dized to also create an interactive learning tool for the game. We should have more information about what that entails later when that work gets closer to completion, but we really wanted to provide learning tools for you that cover multiple different learning styles to further reduce the barrier to entry.

Once again, I'd like to welcome Monica and Aaron to the team, and I will catch you next time with more news from the project!

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