Forge War!

March 06, 2013

Well, from the looks of it, I've been in a cave for the last two months developing my new board game.

Actually, that's not too far off...

At this point, the mechanics are more-or-less solid. I'm sure there'll be a few tweaks before it actually gets published, but all the good stuff is in place. Also, most of the card design is finished, though the board design needs a major overhaul - that'll happen pretty soon here.

My main concern at this point is artwork. I need something like 100 separate card illustration and that shit can get expensive really fast, as well as time-consuming. Like, for one artist to do it could be on the order of months to years. So I gotta get on top of that right away.

As of now, however, I've got a rulebook to share, as well as gameplay video! Yay!

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