GenCon 2.0

August 04, 2013

Last year I went to GenCon on a fleeting whim, deciding a couple days before to go and see what it was all about.

And now it feels like I've been planning for this year's GenCon forever, making sure everything with my Forge War demos go as well as possible. I've ordered actual quad-fold game boards and have printed out new cards with the new official artwork. I'm getting a logo designed and it is all going to be very sweet.

So if you're going to be there, I invite you to come see me at the First Exposure Playtest Hall. I'll be running four different demos there at the following times:

Thursday 4-6 pm
Friday 6-8 pm
Saturday 12-2 pm
Saturday 8-10 pm

I'll be running 2 4-player games concurrently for each demo, so there should be plenty of space for anyone interested. I'm not sure exactly how the playtest hall works, but I know that it is totally free for the players (as opposed to having to pay $2 to play for 2 hours like most events) and that they should probably show up a little beforehand to chose which game they want to play.

The demo I'll be running for those times, though, is the "simple game" that just goes through the first stage and pares down some of the complexities. For the playtesters who really enjoyed the game and wanted to play the full version, I've also set up an official event on Sunday 10-4 pm for that. It's a single game, though, so only 4 slots available. The link to that is here.

In other news, I hope to have the new website fully operational in time for GenCon, as well. It is only somewhat operational at the moment, but you can still follow the link if you want. Part of that process is moving the blog's archives over there and writing blogs from there in the future, so that's something to keep in mind, too.

Man, I hope people like this game. I've sort of put a ridiculous amount of time into it.

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