The Kickstarter Approaches

March 10, 2014

I know I've made a lot of claims in the past, and then reality gets in the way of my fantasy of being the mogul of a board game empire, but I just thought I'd give an update of where Forge War is in terms of getting off the ground and into the hearts and minds of boardgamers everywhere. The boiled down version is that the Kickstarter is totally happening, and it is very likely starting in the second half of April. At the moment, work is being done to touch up some of the graphic design needed to make acceptable review copies. You see, I've had the art done for a while now, but for the longest time I tried to convince myself I could do the graphic design myself. I mean, come on, I used to layout newspapers for a living. I am awesome and amazing and can do anything. Yeah, so... maybe just decide for yourself if I needed a professional graphic designer. Market card before: forestwarden Market card after: Forest_Warden-01 Quest card before: atowertothestars Quest card after: towertothestars-01 Sure, maybe the before versions aren't the worst thing in the world, but I think we can all agree that real graphic design has significantly enhanced the presentation, which I felt was necessary for giving reviewers a good first impression. Not everything has been designed, but with the cards and the board, I think that's enough to give people a good feel for what they would get. Those are by far the main attractions to the game. So, yes, the priority graphic design is almost done, and then it's off to Print & Play Productions to make a few prototypes that will be shipped (or in one case hand-delivered) to some reviewers to get those all-important 3rd-party opinions of the game. I felt like giving the reviewers a good month to look at the game and do their thing was pretty reasonable. After all, there are a million Kickstarters out there and only a few really well-known reviewers who cater to Kickstarter games. But, anyway, that should put a Kickstarter launch towards the end of April. I don't think I need all the reviews to be released with the Kickstarter. I'm thinking just one at launch, with the others coming in during the campaign to keep up momentum. Now all there is to do is focus in on a specific launch date. Also a million other things like finalize a budget, craft a beautiful Kickstarter page, and get my super-secret side project off the ground to bring in the crowd at launch (though it's really not very secret if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter).

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