Lazy Robots - slowly progressing

July 12, 2012

So I decided that with the level editor in place, the next step really needed to be writing and reading files. This turned out to be much easier than I expected. Pretty much all contained in the sharedObject command. So that's that. Yay.

I also downloaded a demo of FL Studio and spent some time composing music. I don't know. I guess you could call it composing. I'm probably a worse composer than I am an artist, as in, I've never tried to do it before in my life and my crazy ideas about being awesome at everything are just not accurate.

I guess the music is passable. I mean, my hot wife liked it, but it's sort of gotta run on repeat, and I'm not sure if, after 10 minutes, someone will get the urge to come find me and kill me... I guess I should probably implement a mute button.

So now I'm working on updating the level editor UI and getting rid of giant 2D arrays to describe levels. You see, here's the thing: each level I've created so far has 3 separate arrays of strings that describe the 17x20 layout of the floor, the goals and the boxes. That's over 2000 quotation marks per level, and, well, it sort of bugs out Flash Professional sometimes. It starts thinking that my entire code is a quotation and I have to, like, delete and retype quotation marks to get it to rethink its life choices and parse all that mess correctly. The other thing is that I would like to describe each level as a single long string so that it is something that can easily be communicated, copied and pasted. So when you make a level in the level editor, you can select "Save level" and it will spit out one giant string which you can copy and send to me or send to your friends, or send to your cat, and they can then go into the level editor, select "Load level," paste it in there and BAM there you go.

In other news, my finger is mostly healed up, so that's good. It actually got to participate in the shower this morning instead of being wrapped in a plastic bag so that all the bandages didn't get wet. And now maybe I'll get a wicked scar.

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