Lazy Robots - sprite animation

July 19, 2012

So I'm pretty excited about some stuff I was working on last night for my hot wife for our 1-year anniversary, which is on Monday, but there's a (very) small chance she might actually see this blog before then, so I'll probably hold off talking about that until later. Plus it will probably be better with pictures.

So then, what else is going on? My D&D group is now fully defunct, mostly because most of the guys have moved/are moving out of state, so that's sad. I didn't really feel like putting any time into DMing anyway, so it might be for the best. Though, I don't know. I've been thinking about the continuation of the new ridiculous campaign I had started on a whim involving zombies, mutants, and inter-dimensional travel, and now, well, I have a lot of cool ideas. I might put a small percentage of time writing up the entire thing in some sort of official format and maybe even make it available on this blog so that people can run it as a campaign module. That would be pretty cool.

I wouldn't expect it any time soon, though. It's gotten rather complicated in my head.

So, anyway, I don't seem to have worked much on Lazy Robots this last week, which is always sad. Sunday is usually a good workday for me, but I've been swamped with doing school work the entire week and it is all totally lame. Plus Netflix put up season 4 of Breaking Bad for streaming, so, yeah, there went a lot of my free time. Ususally I try to multi-task while watching television. I can't do intesive programming while listening to fictional people talk, but mindlessly animating stuff is fair game. I really wanted to give Breaking Bad my full attention, though, because it's such an excellent show.

Anyway, I did manage to do some animating for the sprites of the robots that will appear in the level to physically move the boxes around. And I made a little video! Each robot starts with their idle animation, and then TorqueBot and Eugene have their rotate/teleport animations after that. I think they look pretty good. Eugene ended up kind of looking like a really fat Portal turret, which entertains me.

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