Okay, for serious this time

June 12, 2012

Well, approximately 3 weeks ago I said I expected to stop playing Diablo as much and start programming again, but that proved not to be the case, as I appear to have let multiple Thursdays go by without updating. And yes, yes, we can all blame Diablo, but I'm done talking about that. I'm just here declare that I am actually for reals in serious starting to program again. Flash Professional is open on my computer right now. I was in such a good place a month ago. I had been working on Lazy Robots for a month, designing cool levels and writing great dialogue, and I projected that I would definitely be done in another month if I continued at my current place. and then, well, you know. Now it's a month later, and I am definitely just feeling shittier as person, so we're gonna get back on that. One month from today. Lazy Robots will be done. And it will be awesome. For serious. Here is some artwork I created for the three main robots, which I am posting so that I can look at them and remember that I am not a complete waste of space. NormalBot TorqueBot
Oh, I also wanted to mention that part of the inspiration for getting my ass in gear was that I sat down and read "Ready Player One," which is a fantastic, fantastic book. Apparently it's a rite of passage for a gunter to code their own game, so I really need to get on this.

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