Plan of Action

April 03, 2013

Alright, so first of all, I have come to realize "Dungeon Hunters" is the name of a video game series, so we're gonna have to change that. I'll still call it Dungeon Hunters for now, but with the caveat that the title is only temporary.

Second of all, I busted Dungeon Hunters out at my board game group last night and it seemed to get a pretty great response. I had only play-tested it with 2 tribes and I had 4 people who wanted to play, so it took a little longer than expected, and the map got a little clogged toward the end, so I'm definitely working on changes for that, but overall people seemed to enjoy themselves. I think each tribe is unique and people seemed to be intrigued by the variety and figuring out how the tribe they chose actually operated.

Anyway, so that's cool and all, but I actually just wanted to write a post today to sort of organize my thoughts about the stuff that needs to get done in the next 6 months (when I plan on launching a Kickstarter for Forge War). Obviously it's still a long ways away, but I don't want to dick around, thinking it's a long way away, and then suddenly it isn't. Dungeon Hunters is a fun project to work on, but I don't really think it's a priority at this point.

The main thing is that I really want to release a full version of Lazy Robots. I don't want to release it, like, tomorrow, but that definitely needs to get done in the next 6 months. There's really not that much to do, so I need to just pound it out and get it out there. I think it will be a good way to build up a readership of intelligent people looking for intelligent games. So that should get out there maybe a month or two before the Kickstarter campaign, but the earlier I get that polished, the better.

I also really want to get started working on the Flash version of Forge War. That's going to be a significant project, but when it's finished, I think it will really be a selling point for the Kickstarter. It doesn't necessarily need to be done by the Kickstarter, but it should be done at least a month or two before the physical game actually ships so that people can get a feel for it and then pre-order the game. I guess if it were finished before the Kickstarter, it would be an even bigger selling point, but that seems a little ambitious. I don't know, I'll have to think about that some more.

Also, I very much want to work on building a website that would become a board gaming community. Not only with this blog and Flash versions of board games, but I'd like to start doing some board game reviews. I need to think about this a bit, though, because I think I could write really fantastic reviews, but most people seem to be clamoring for video reviews, and, well, I'm a bit of a slow talker. So that's something to think about. I'll probably try to make a video review of something like Agricola and just see how it goes and if it's any good.

And then, of course there is Dungeon Hunters, which I want to be my next big project, and at this point it is really difficult to see when the next big project will come to the forefront. Which pretty much means "not yet."

And I guess that's it. Next week I want to give some more examples of non-combat encounters I've run, as I have just now noticed that the first post I did about them has, like, 10 times more page views than any other post. Apparently other people are struggling with them, as well, so I might as well do what I can to help the community out.

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