You speak the word and immediately feel the ground tremble.

Something deep within the earth has awoken.

You can only hope that it is on your side.

Bladeswarm Congratulations! Assuming you have followed the clues and arrived at this page legitimately, you have unlocked the Bladeswarm - a fully playable character class for Gloomhaven. Below you will find a PDF file that you can print out to supply all the materials you need to play this class: ability cards, attack modifiers, a character mat, character sheets, and standee artwork (unfortunately there is not a miniature for this class). It is recommended that you get the files professionally printed double-sided on card stock for use, then use the front of each page as a guide for cutting the materials out. There is extra bleed art on the back to compensate for any misalignment in the printing. If you cut out the two standee images and tape or glue them back-to-back, it should be thick enough to fit in a standee holder nicely. You will only find the class-specific attack modifier cards in the file. To make sure these blend well with a base deck, you can find a file on BoardGameGeek to print off your own base attack modifier deck, along with generic cards such as Curse and Bless: If you have any questions about the class, please email me ( or send me a message on BGG. It goes without saying that this class and webpage are highly secret, and I would greatly appreciate you leave it that way and allow others to find it on their own. Please don't post anything about this on BoardGameGeek, Reddit, or wherever else you talk about board games. Don't ruin other people's fun! With all that said, here's the file. Enjoy!

P.S. There is also a Bladeswarm solo scenario here. The item reward can be found in the main file above.