What is a Cephalofair?

You may be wondering about my choice of domain name and exactly what a "cephalofair" is. Well, the short answer is that I don't know how to spell, but here's a longer answer for you:

A very wise man (well, he had a British accent, so maybe he only seemed wise) once told me long ago that a "cephalofair" was a headless ghost. Maybe it was his British accent, or maybe my memory just got a little fuzzy by the time I latched onto it as a good company name, but he was actually saying the word "cephalophore."

I didn't actually discover my mistake until well after the company was established, so I decided to just embrace the word as my own. Whether it means a headless ghost or awesome, epic board games is entirely up to interpretation.

Plus, I think it sounds cool, so leave me alone...