Digital Forge War

balllightning It's time to have a dance party because the digital version of Forge War is totally live! Wait, wait, don't have a dance party - sit down and play the game! It'll be awesome! Okay, but first you should read the rule book. Then you should probably check out the digital tutorial. Are you still excited? Okay, now go play the game. All right, just so you know, this is a beta version with preliminary design. There are a number of issues still in progress:
  • The lobby dimensions might be wonky in some browsers. If you can't get it to work, try a different browser. I'm looking into getting this fixed.
  • You can only play the full version at the moment. I'll put in the option of doing just the simple game very soon.
  • The graphics might be difficult to read. There's a lot going on on the board. You can zoom in everything by mousing over it, but if you're still having trouble reading the text, you might need a screen with higher resolution. A new graphic design for the cards and board is in progress. Once that's finished, I'm confident the visuals will be clearer.
  • Expeditious and charming champions haven't been implemented yet. Coding is hard.
  • If a player leaves the game in the middle, the system for another player (or the same returning player) to take his vacated seat is still a little wonky. I would highly recommend a stable internet connection. I'm also working on fixing this.
  • I haven't had a chance to thoroughly test 3- and 4- player games. You should be able to cleanly play a 2-player game, but with more players you increase your chances of hitting a game-breaking bug. I'll be testing higher player games soon and will let you know when they're more safe.
  • The manual says mithril is blue, but it is pink in the game. I'll be updating this shortly, as well.
  • There are also lots of other minor (hopefully) bugs that I haven't encountered and fixed yet. Please remember that this is a beta phase and it would be really super-great if you could help make the game better by describing any bugs you encounter in the comments of this page. If you do that, I will be able to fix them as quickly as possible and make everyone's playing experience more enjoyable.
  • Also remember that you are play testing a game that is still being molded. Please give me any suggestions you might have on making the game more awesome. You can put those in the comments or e-mail them to me.
  • Update 1: Apparently I underestimated the wonkyness of the lobby. It is code I borrowed from PlayerIO and I'm not 100% clear how to fix it in a nice way, but I did fix it in a workable way, so you should now be able to see the full lobby in your browser and thus actually start a game. Sorry about that. (If it's still not working you might have to clear your cache to get the new code to load.)