Forge War Flavor Text

Reaping Scythe - "Greed begets suffering. Suffering begets death." - Kevin, Thief of Hearts Mithril Greatsword - "For when one sword is just not enough sword." - Jonathan Brownblade Iron Greatsword - "Sure, you could use this sword with two hands. If you're a pansy." - Christoff Proudfist Elfwood Bow - "The grave is simply one arrow away." - Kevin "Gravedigger" Quiverhof Demon Fists - "Run you fools! The darkness is taking my mind, and I cannot stay my hand!" - The Ronin of Clan Mau Omniweapon - "I'm not sure which end to point at the enemy, but luckily it's all equally deadly." - Joseph the Easterly Turk Monolith - "You express concern that this weapon is perhaps too large. You clearly haven't seen the titans you'll be up against." - Martin's Lakeshore Smithy Infernal Axe - "Forged from fury to send demons back into the void." - Brighella Brightaxe Ball Lightning - "Lightning doesn't strike the same place twice, because you'll be dead after the first strike." - Sophia of the Viperous Ferrants Ward of the Gods - "The gods' whims can destroy worlds. Surely it couldn't hurt to have them on your side." - Moggrym's advice to his son Lennert Skyspear - "I am the guardian of the skies. You only leave my dominion when I bury you in the earth." - Dewydd Mynton, Dragonslayer of Cymru Bardic Blade - "Sure, it's great that this thing sings the epic tales of my adventures, except when I'm trying to hide from ogres." - Adrian "the Brave," Minstrel of Francis Scalpel - "Even a tiny weapon can fell a great beast when applied in the proper manner." - Doctor Tissier the Butcher Mithril Sword - "The gold standard of swords. Err, well, it's not actually gold. That would be dumb." - Stonewall Mithril Spear - "It's all fun and games until someone impales themself and bleeds out on the floor." - Kevin Hillcrasher Mithril Mace - "Yes, crushing things is my life." - Matthew Stonebreaker Mithril Axe - "Well, it can cut clean through a goblin skull in a single swing, so it's got my stamp of approval." - Major Collins of the Deserter's Army Bone Biter - "The hill giants laughed and laughed at my small stature... until they met my axe. Then they stopped laughing." - María Rubyheart, Protector of Meilán Firebolt - "Only the ashes of my enemies remain ." - Sakke Flameweaver Eruptive Halberd - "You don't want to see what happens when this thing gets angry. Yes, this thing gets angry." - Lee the Roguish Ram Dark Sun - "You'll need the power of a dying star when you've got an entire mountain lumbering toward you." - Anders the Aggressively Wise Blood Ravager - "I feel uneasy. Like the sword would be perfectly happy drinking my blood, instead." - Victor the Ghast Spiked Wall - "The best offense is a good a strong offense." - Friar Jon Strack Rust Star - "Best steer clear of the business end unless you consider lockjaw to be an enjoyable experience." - Andrew the Green Knight Leaf Shield - "No, it's not made of leaves. It's made of pain." - Jelle of Camp Swinadrifta Iron Sword - "Our most popular seller. You can't go wrong with a good sword by your side." - Fothergill Trading Post - Georgia and Alexander, Proprietors Iron Spear - "To an iron spear, everything looks like a vampire bat." - Joseph, the Storm of Carnage Iron Mace - "A superior design consisting of a heavier object on the end of a bigger stick." - Peter Richtsmith Iron Axe - "Perfect for all my chopping needs." - Varren Foecleaver Green Stinger - "When you've got this beauty under your cloak, the unwary assassin quickly becomes the one assassinated." - Nicholas, Carpenter of Pain Forest Warden - "Druids of the Order must always be wary of the shadows of the woods and always keep a strong weapon at their side." - Sacred Text of the Order of the Rod and Key Copper Spear - "The jungle pygmies used these to try to fight off an infestation of giant mosquitoes. It didn't go so well for them." - Brian the Bearded Hunter Copper Mace - "You put something heavy on the end of a stick, and you've got yourself a weapon." - Battle Basics, 1st Edition, Bacinello Press Copper Axe - "This resplendent weapon represented the pinnacle of wealth, power and technological advancement...four thousand years ago." - Bibliothecarius Reino of the Esoterica Archive Batterslash - "Big club cut good." - Zachary the Angry Goblin Wood Chopper - "Surprisingly, this is also very good at chopping other things." - Granticus the Powerful Copper Sword - "No wonder these things break so easily. You're making them out of copper!" - Alistair the Pickled Blade Copper Dagger - "It ain't good fer much, but it can stick a rat." - GreatJon "Rodentbane" Logan