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A new adventure unfolds.

FROSTHAVEN is the story of a small outpost found northwest of the city of GLOOMHAVEN. Here, a new party of mercenaries will gather at the end of their rope to help bring back this settlement from the edge of destruction. Not only will they have to battle harsh elements, but they also have to face the far more dangerous threats awaiting them in the unforgiving cold. Algox are attacking from the mountains, lurkers are flooding in from the northern sea, and rumors are spreading of machines that wander the frozen wastes of their own free will.

FROSTHAVEN is a standalone adventure campaign from the designer and publisher of GLOOMHAVEN that features:
  • 100 new scenarios
  • 16 new characters
  • 3 new races
  • 25+ new enemies
  • 100+ new items
  • And so much more...

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