Beast Tyrant

Vermling Beast Tyrant Vermlings are a scavenging, animalistic race. They feed off the flesh of the dead, and when they can't find any of that, they are more than happy to do the killing themselves with crude knives and arrows. They are primitive and weak-willed – easily controlled by more powerful races with the right combination of pandering and intimidation. Left to their own devices, Vermlings typically form hunting packs and spend their short lives fulfilling basic needs. Some Vermlings do make their way into human society, but they are universally shunned and feared in such settings, forced to live in dark alleys and feed off scraps. Vermlings share a unique kinship to the natural world due to their ability to communicate with a large variety of other animals. Those who are able to rise above their baser instincts find there is much to be gained in exerting their will over beasts of the wilds. These Beast Tyrants can amass incredible armies of fangs, claws and talons to become formidable opponents in battle. SONY DSC