So close, guys!

October 01, 2013

code I must say, it was a valiant effort trying to get this code up and running enough to share with you guys today. I fell a little bit short, but it's all totally good. I am so much more productive when I can work with a deadline, even if it is ultimately an arbitrary one. And even though I didn't quite make Oct. 1, these last 5 or 6 days have been filled to the brim with coding. Like, every spare ounce of time I had went into it, outside of some time with my hot wife and an hour to watch Breaking Bad (okay, there was some Alphas and Louie on Netflix in there somewhere a little mind needs to occasionally unwind). So, anyway, I am tired, so this will be the shortest post ever. I will just say that I am very confident that I will have the updated rule book, the digital version and a tutorial on how to play the digital version all up online on Thursday...maybe Friday at the latest, but I'm confident with Thursday. Off to sleep!

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