Disaster Strikes

April 21, 2013

So not only did some chump at work completely ruin the sample I had been working with for the past few weeks, forcing me to start my experiment over for the millionth time, my computer also decided Saturday was as good a time as any to completely crap out.

I've left some overheating issues go on for a bit too long, and I think something burned inside, and it's looking pretty grim. I gave it to Best Buy to look at, but I can't say I'm super-confident about getting results from them.

So I might be looking at going computer-less for a week in the best case, or having to buy a new computer in the worst case. And I've come to the conclusion that gaming laptops are just not worth the hassle.

Of course this means working on the Flash version of Forge War will be difficult for the time being, but I'm sure I can find something else to do. I'm working on rules modifications for a single player game, and I may even figure out how to incorporate a 5-6 player expansion, for those interested in an 8-hour gaming experience.

I also got a chance to play a 3-player game with some friends on Saturday and had a great time. Sometimes I get sort of far-removed from Forge War and forget how great it is. Most of the time I'm an arrogant ass, but when it comes to my creative projects, I can adopt a very self-defeating mentality at times, thinking the game isn't going to do very well on its own and I'm going to need to do all this stuff to prop it up - great art, great marketing, an online version - and that mentality can be very helpful, because all those things are going to make the release even better.

But, anyway, I play with a group of friends who appreciate the game, and I remember just how amazingly fantastic the game is and how I could play it every day and not get bored with it. The amount of in-depth thought and time required may not be for everyone, but it hits all the right notes for me and is easily my favorite game.

So, yeah, that was a good feeling to have on Saturday after my computer blew up.

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