Gathering Storm - 10000 lines

March 22, 2012

So a month and a half ago, when I started programming again after the deluge of video games, for some reason I started coding a different version of my program that was saved to my desktop - a version that didn't contain any of my work from Nov/Dec. My only explanation for doing this is that I am a silly person. Even after I realized that I wasn't coding on the real version, I just randomly assumed that it was exactly the same code and continued about my business...

...until I realized that they weren't the same code. A month and a half later.

So then I had to spend most of yesterday and today merging the two codes. Luckily I had worked exclusively on battle menu stuff in Nov/Dec and rune menu stuff last month, so there wasn't too much overlap in coding discrepancies - the only functions I couldn't directly copy and paste were the item menu navigation function and a binary dialogue option function (which, you know, pops up whenever the player is asked to make a binary choice). Still, there was some trouble figuring out which global variables I needed to declare and then re-importing a bunch of spell and attack animation graphics.

But, anyway, once it was finally a functioning code again, in which players could both engage in combat and dick around with runes, my code was almost exactly 10000 lines long. Not all of those lines are necessary, of course, but still, it is what it is, and I've officially broken that barrier, which I think is kind of impressive.

And to commemorate this special occasion, I finally stopped using different trial versions of Flash Professional (not really by choice...the shenanigans that ensued from merging the two codes somehow caused my expired trial version to crash) and spent $200 getting an official license for the product. Umm, yay?

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