Gathering Storm - Development Prelude

November 16, 2011

So what I would like to start doing at this point as far as describing the development of my Flash game is just start from the beginning of the development and tell the story of its creation one implementation at a time. I would like to do this through quick gameplay videos and descriptions, however, I currently have a problem.

You see, my computer overheats. It, well, overheats a lot. It actually started about a year ago. Steam had a big Christmas sale, and so I ended up picking up Dragon Age: Awakening, and once I got home from my sister's after the holidays, I stayed up all night playing it, kicking lots of Blight ass, but at some point, my video got all choppy on me. My graphics card was overheating. I had been playing it for a long time, so I went to sleep, played some more in the morning, and went on my merry way.

Except it kept happening. More and more frequently, with a smaller and smaller period of time between when I started playing and when my video card would start wigging out. Until it got to the point where I couldn't play a graphics-intensive game for 5 minutes. And that's when my computer started randomly shutting down from overheating. If I left it on too long in a relatively warm room, it would just completely shut down and kill all my data.

So last week I took it to Best Buy. It's now on a magical journey to stop sucking and I'm borrowing a friend's computer to do all my programming and work and recreational video gaming. And the point is that I don't want to mess with downloading some screen capture software on a computer that's not mine, so I need to wait to get my computer back before I can start putting together gameplay videos. I guess I could run the game and take a video of it with my hot wife's Mac, but that's just incredibly silly.

So for now I'll just wait. In the mean time, I hope my laptop is enjoying its time at the spa, getting rubbed down with thermal paste and whatnot.

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