Gathering Storm - The Second Day

December 01, 2011

After a truly riveting first day, there were still, well, a couple things that still needed improvement.

The foremost of these issues was that the control scheme in that first program wasn't even right. A first person view has a distinct direction. When I press the left arrow, I don't move left, I turn left. And when I press up, I don't automatically move north, I move in the direction I'm facing.

So the second day, I focused on giving my moving box a rotational turning it into an arrow. And then changed the control scheme into what is described above: left and right rotate, up and down move the arrow in the direction it's facing.

Also, I kind of stopping being an idiot in terms of the animations, turning to the coding to control the movement automatically instead of animating everything by hand...or at least automatically animating most of it. I still went about animating the rotation of the arrow by hand for some reason. I think maybe I didn't know the dot extension for an angle. In fact, come to think of it, I still don't. It hasn't really come up. Oh wait, yes it did. In the level up animation. It's .rotation. So there.

Anyway, behold that which is the second day of Flash programming!
Notice also how movement actually moves the background instead of moving the arrow. I figured this was a good way to do things, since that's pretty much what happens in the first-person perspective.

Next up: The third day goes to the third dimension! Actually, it took me about a week to go to the third dimension, mainly because I wanted the next code I wrote to be usable in the actual game.

Incidentally, these first two programs I wrote are called "First" and "Second." The file that I'm writing now is still called "Third," so I guess my intentions were fulfilled.

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