Kickstarter Update

May 09, 2014

demos When last we spoke of this issue, I outlined a plan to launch the Kickstarter around the end of last month. Which has ended. But that's okay, because there is a new one and I am at least 80% confident that this one will be the plan. You see, I ran into a little trouble a month or so ago when I had printed demo copies of the game and then realized that the game still needed some more improvements to make it the Best Possible Game (specifically the mechanics of the market). So I went back into designer boot camp to make the necessary changes, and then came back out to redo the whole designing, printing and shipping of demo copies. Which is now totally finally done. Just yesterday I sent off shipments of demo copies to a couple reviewers and I was super-happy about it. The train is finally truly rolling and it should arrive at Kickstarter Station at the beginning of June. There's about a week window between June 5 and 11 that I'm aiming to hit. I'd like to hit earlier in that window, but there are still a lot of graphic design things for the Kickstarter that need to happen, so I am being conservative. So there you have it: the Plan. We're gonna spend a month finalizing things, updating the Flash version, building the best Kickstarter page and getting awesome reviews from awesome reviewers. And then we're gonna blow this whole thing wide open. Update: June 5 - totally gonna happen.

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