Officially Announcing "Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion"

November 12, 2019

This will be a quick update, as I've already discussed this at length in my last post and the comments of that post, but I just wanted to make the name of the new mass market Gloomhaven game official.

We've been zeroed in on the title for a while, but we wanted to make sure the stores we were trying to get the product into were also on board with the name. So we had some meetings in Essen with a couple big box retailers, and they had no notes on the name, so now I'm making it official!

I can't yet say anything on what stores it will be available in when it comes out, but whether we are able to secure those deals doesn't change the fact that it will also be hitting normal hobby distribution in quarter 3 of next year as well.

The title "Jaws of the Lion" refers to the specific mercenary group - based out of the Sleeping Lion, naturally - players will be embodying. And I also wanted to formally introduce you to the new fourth member of the Jaws, the human Voidwarden:

After a near-death experience with the Void as a child, which scarred the left side of her body, the Voidwarden made it her duty to protect others from a similar fate. Being touched by the Void has left her with more than just physical scars, however. She can channel the power behind the Void to manipulate the thoughts and actions of those around her. She can also offer powerful boons to her allies, but those boons usually come at a terrible price.

Anyway, I'm really excited to be working on this project. All the art and everything else is coming out amazing, and I think it is going to be a real game-changer, bringing a lot more people into the world Gloomhaven who may have been turned off by the commitment required by the original game, while it will also add a bunch of great new content for existing fans.

Jaws of the Lion!

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