Frosthaven Official Companion App Now Available

December 23, 2022 2 Comments

Frosthaven Official Companion App Now Available

Hello Frosthaven! 


We are happy to announce that the Frosthaven: Official Companion app is available on both iOS and Android. Since the first announcement back in May, our partners Lucky Duck Games have been hard at work to bring this initial implementation of the official companion app to life. 


Frosthaven: Official Companion - iOS - Frosthaven: Official Companion - Android


With their soft launch for the app last week, it was fun to see how many of you jumped on the opportunity to check it out. 


Cephalofair hopes to continue to see community feedback, in order to provide the Dev Team ways to improve the app for useability and gameplay. For any feedback, please reach out to Lucky Duck Games at All of us Cephalofair and Lucky Duck Games appreciate the outpouring of community support!


Lucky Duck Games has provided some pointed updates about the app, where it has progressed from launch and what they will be focusing on in the near future.


From Vincent, CEO of Lucky Duck Games:


Hi everyone, and thank you for taking the time to read this release note!


Let me first point out the fact that Lucky Duck Games is committed to making this app the most complete, robust, and reliable companion app for Frosthaven. 


We have been hard at work since we first presented you with our initial implementation, and thanks to this community, and the many feedback we received on that first post, we decided to delay the release in order to include more functions on its release including, for example, auto calculation of move and attack values on monster ability cards, adding the loot deck, possibility to add NPCs, and many more!


In that regard, we have an official journey ahead of us to keep improving the stability and feature list of the application, and the following document will go over each planned release.


Here is what the app supports officially as of today.


V1.0 – Released December 16th


  • Create multiple parties to maintain the state of multiple campaigns at once.
  • Allow for multiple devices to synchronize at the same time, allowing remote play, or everyone around the table to see all stats without sharing their device.
  • Choose which scenario the group wants to play, and the application will automatically set up all the monster stats, monster ability decks, and loot deck for that scenario.
  • The application supports opening sections in a scenario. Doing so will automatically instantiate the monsters (normal & elite) in that section.
  • The app takes into account the majority of the scenario and sections special cards and hp for monsters.
  • Mark each scenario as started or completed, and track your progress.
  • At any point you can draw from the Monster or Ally Attack Modifier deck, or from an extra Boss deck.
  • Input the initiative of your heroes and draw Monster Ability cards for each of the monsters. Heroes and enemies will automatically be sorted by initiative, and the ability cards of each monster drawn and revealed.
  • Support for auto calculations of move and attack values on Monster Ability Cards.
  • Maintains the hp, xp, loot, and the various conditions of each of your heroes and monsters easily.
  • Create Summons from your Hero, and track their various statistics.
  • Create NPCs and set their name and hp, as well as their conditions. You can also input their initiative or snooze them.
  • Maintains the status of the 6 Elements.
  • Stop at any point, and resume your session in the state it was when you left.
  • Undo or redo any actions between each round.
  • If you do not want to input player initiatives, you can disable player initiative or even hide players.
  • If you do not want to play a pre-made scenario, create your own custom session by adding any monsters from the game.


Important release note: Since the launch of the app, the 3rd party networking solution we are using is unfortunately experiencing stability issues in some regions, while working perfectly in others. We have decided to implement another 3rd party solution, which should be available by mid-January. Until then, we recommend playing Offline if you experience slow connection in your area.


Following some immediate feedback, we already released a patch few days ago:


V1.0.1 - Released December 19th

  • Shuffling of Attack Modifier decks following the correct rules
  • Removed shuffle icon from +2 and -2 modifier cards.
  • Fixed typos
  • Added 9th level for heroes


Now what is coming next?


V1.0.2 - Late December

  • History for all decks
  • Guidelines document, with explanations on how to use the app
  • Reminder notes for some special rules
  • Bug fixes, QOL improvements


V1.1 - Mid-January

  • Custom names for characters when creating party
  • Gloomhaven and JOTL characters
  • Boss special cards
  • Better centered images for monsters
  • Loot deck upgrades
  • Conditions automatic expiration


V1.2 - Late January

  • New and more robust networking implementation
  • Landscape for tablet
  • Manual reorder of characters
  • Dragging to modify HP


V1.3 - February

  • Desktop Version


Finally, we want to thank the Frosthaven community for your continued support and feedback. Together, let's build the best Frosthaven: Official Companion app system!


-Vincent, for Lucky Duck Games

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February 20, 2023

Can you please add the ability to add monsters in any order you like … right now its sequenced in order from 1 through to 10. Also an option to instantly ‘kill’ a monster would be nice to quickly remove one if incorrectly adding one. Thank you

Oliver Kelly
Oliver Kelly

February 20, 2023

Any chance of making a version that covers Gloomhaven ?

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