Oh no!

December 20, 2011

Holy crap, the yearly Steam sale begins and I am foreseeing a long hiatus in development on my game. I mean, this is just silly.

You see, the problem is that I'm really, really cheap. So all throughout the year, I don't really buy any games. A game like Portal 2 comes out and I really want to play it, but I'm just not up for the $40 price tag, so I file it away in the "Wait for the Steam sale" folder and then go about my business playing free games on the internet.

And this keeps me relatively happy and productive until December rolls around and its price drops to $7.50. And I can get Arkham City for $20. And Dungeons of Dredmore for a buck. And all the Defense Grid expansions for 2 bucks. And The Witcher for $2.50. And freaking 12 awesome indie games for a $5 donation to charity. And we're only 3 days into the 2-week sale...

Arrrrrgh! Where did all my free time go? I am chained to the yolk of too much gaming!

And I'm also getting Skyward Sword for Christmas...the future looks dark indeed...

And by dark, I mean tremendously awesome.

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