Playing the Waiting Game

May 07, 2013

Without access to a solid computer, my progress on things has slowed considerably. That should all change over the weekend, as the last part of my new computer should be arriving on Friday, but for now, this suuuuuucks.

My brain is not happy about the situation either. It refuses to rest and instead decided to come up with the mechanics for an entirely new board. Dude! Brain! I have enough of those already! Let me finish some stuff before you pile on all these crazy new ideas!

Though my brain is not entirely at fault. I may have asked for it. It all started a month or so ago when the Kickstarter for Torment 2 was finishing up. My favorite author Patrick Rothfuss joined the writing team and blogged, somewhat jokingly, that it was all part of his master plan to get a video game made for his Kingkiller Chronicles.

And THAT got me starting to think about what a board game of the Kingkiller Chronicles would look like. And what if, by the time he released the third book, I were established enough in the biz to work on it for him?

Wouldn't that be rad? That would totally be rad. I should definitely come up with the entire game right now, just in case I run into him on the street.

Of course, it's a little hard to do, given I have no idea what happens in the last third of the story, but I made some pretty solid, innovative mechanics for the first two parts and I think with some more polish it could be a pretty awesome game. Sort of a board game/RPG hybrid that is very easy to get into and not all that long or complicated.

So, yeah, stoked about that. Not going to go into details, but I may write a treatise on randomness and the binomial theorem at some later point.

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