The State of Forge War - Part 4

September 21, 2013

Disperse-DarkCoven All right, let's finish this business up, shall we? All this disparate stuff I've been talking about - how does it all come together? Well, the rest of September I'm going to be focused on getting a functional digital version of Forge War up on the site. It might be buggy, but that is the goal and I think it is achievable. Oct. 1 this monster is coming home to roost (it's good when I can work with solid deadlines). That means come October you should be able to play the game on this site, given that you have an internet connection and maybe a friend who also has a computer and an internet connection (I certainly wouldn't expect the flash portal to be populated enough at that point that you could get a pick-up game going). Also by the end of September I expect to have all the card art done so that will be another added bonus of being able to play the digital version - you'll get to see all the art! Woo art! So the first half of October then will be the beta test of the digital version. I'll ask everyone I know to play it and hopefully we'll work out all the bugs and it'll also function as playtesting - an opportunity for players to make suggestions about mechanics changes. Hopefully by the middle of October all the graphic design for the game will be finished, as well. This is a little less set in stone, but I think that it can certainly happen. So once we've got all the art, all the design, no bugs and a significant amount of playtesting, I'm going to start posting everywhere on the internet about the digital version to hopefully build up more buzz for the game and also more playtesters. Hopefully by the end of October, Forge War will be on a lot of people's minds and the gameplay will be hammered to a fine point, much like the Green Stinger. Green-Stinger And this is when we launch the Kickstarter. One of the keys of Kickstarter is having a strong opening, because then more people will take notice and you have a large base to spread the word to even more people. I'm hoping being able to play the digital version will give Forge War that strong opening to cast an even wider net for an audience. So November will be a pretty crazy time and there'll be a lot of marketing during that time, too, but if it gets funded and I get those funds, it should be smooth and fast sailing to a manufacturer since all the design and art is already fine-tuned. This is gonna be great, you guys, and I'm super-excited about it! I can't wait to put this game out in front of a larger audience and get some feedback (and hopefully some praise) for it. Awesome times ahead!

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