Taking a step back

October 17, 2013

So, yeah. I'm pushing back all my plans by a month or two. It's pretty disappointing to do so, but the crux of it is that I need to graduate sooner rather than later and barreling forward with this project, neglecting everything else in my life, well, I realized it was a pretty bad idea. I could get this Kickstarter project up and running in another month, but then it would be running for a month and would end right around the time I'd need to be defending my thesis. Which just sounded like really bad timing to me. I'm not really sure what I was thinking. So the scheduling is pretty much the same, just pushed back about 2 months. I'm going to continue to update the code as wonderful play testers try it out and find problems. I've been neglecting it recently and I've got a big, long list of stuff to do with it, but hopefully, even working on it in moderation, it will be ready for the wider marketing campaign around the middle of December - after defending my thesis. Then I can focus all my energies on that and getting the word out there, and then launch the Kickstarter in early January. That sounds like a much better plan, right? I think it does. I'd like to live in a board game wonderland all the time, but unfortunately sometime you've just gotta buckle down and do big boy work. The good news is that I play tested the shorter iteration of Forge War last night and it went over like gang busters. With the changes to player order and taking out the market bidding, the game flowed a lot more smoothly, and cutting the number of turns by 25% didn't really detract from the overall experience. Previously it wasn't uncommon to spend 5 or more hours to play the full game, but we were able to pound it out in 3, which I think is a pretty good place to be for what it is. What that means exactly is that I'll be implementing these changes in the code, which may take a bit of time, and then see how others feel about it. Also with working on the code and other things, I've been neglecting the blog, as well. Starting next week I'll be going back at a post early in the week and a board game review later in the week. I think it's a step in the right direction, and I am happy - about all my decisions.

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