Tidings of What is to Come

September 24, 2019

So I was going through my Gloomhaven subscriptions on BoardGameGeek, and I saw someone complaining that I hadn't really given any updates in a while about what's coming down the line for Gloomhaven, what's happening with that "big box expansion", and all that sort of stuff. I mean, I haven't given a blog update on anything in a long while, but this topic felt particularly pressing, so I thought, "Yeah, you're right, internet person. I should update people about what is going on!"

So first, let's talk about what I can tell you. I've actually been working on a side project for the past couple months that I will be ready to talk about soon. (Not What We Found There, but a Gloomhaven-related side project.) It's taking shape faster than I expected, which is very exciting, and so I've decided to share some details about it next week at SHUX, the Shut Up and Sit Down convention in Vancouver.

I know, I'm such a tease. It's just, I'm doing this big thing at SHUX called “Gloomhaven: Past, Present, and Future”, where I sit down with Matt and we just talk it all out. Honestly, I have no idea what's going to happen, but I trust Matt to make it entertaining, and it seemed like a good opportunity to drop some info on this upcoming side project.

And don't worry if you won't be attending SHUX. It will be recorded and posted to their channel after the fact, so you're good. Although, if you will be at SHUX, you should definitely attend this thing because the room seats, like, 1000, and it would be very embarrassing for me if only 10 people showed up. It will be Friday 11:30am to 12:30pm in “The Big Theatre”.

So what about this big expansion, then? If I'm working on this side project, what's going on with the big project?

Worry not! Info on that is coming! I've been telling people to expect a big announcement about it in quarter 4 of this year, but, well... if you want me to be more specific than that, I suppose I can tell you that the announcement might come right before a certain convention in December...

So, well, that might not be exactly the information you are looking for, but at least now you know when you can get the information you are looking for. That's something, right?

What else can I update you on? The web store is still in the works. These other projects have been a higher priority on the to-do list, but progress is still being made on the web store front. It will certainly be implemented by the holidays, so that you can get Gloomhaven-related gifts for every member of your family. We'll have pins, metal coins, T-shirts, pint glasses, solo scenarios, extra attack modifier decks, you name it.

Well, okay, we probably won't have everything you can name. That might have been the whole list. We won't have Vermling dolls, for instance. We are actually looking into mass-producing them, since everyone who has seen them at conventions has wanted to buy them, but that is still very much up in the air on whether it will happen.

And, umm, yeah, I think that's it. That's about all I wanted to update you on. Keep an eye out for that SHUX panel. It should be exciting!

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