Digital Forge War Updates

There was too much text on the main page, so decided to move all the updates to a separate page. Do you know where that page is? It is RIGHT HERE.
  • Update 1: Apparently I underestimated the wonkyness of the lobby. It is code I borrowed from PlayerIO and I'm not 100% clear how to fix it in a nice way, but I did fix it in a workable way, so you should now be able to see the full lobby in your browser and thus actually start a game. Sorry about that. (If it's still not working you might have to clear your cache to get the new code to load.)
  • Update 2: Simple game implemented! Just click the little "Simple game" box before you start the game to toggle the simple version on and off. I also fixed some issues with people joining a game in progress and totally mucking up the works.
  • Update 3: Relatively minor update, but I changed all the mithril art in the game from pink to light blue. I also added a tooltip to level 4 champions so you can always see what their ability is.
  • Update 4: All right, let's see, I think I fixed a lot of the choppy graphics by making the link popup in a window of the correct size. It's around 1200x900, so if your screen resolution isn't at least that size, you might still have problems. Also the popup plugin I'm using only allows for one window, so if you want to run multiple clients on the same computer, you can use this old link. More importantly, as long as one client stays in the room, if someone leaves the game, they (or someone else) can still come back, get in their seat and resume the game. Also spectators are now given all information and can actually watch what is happening in the game. I should have chat boxes very soon so that players can communicate within the game.
  • Update 5: Chat enabled! Yay communication!
  • Update 6: After successful real-life play testing, I've implemented a new version of the game that is shorter and more stream-lined. I also fixed a few bugs that I caused with my last update. Check the new rules PDF for all the changes, but a summary is: 6 turns per stage, no market bidding and turn order rearranged after the mine phase. Also a lot of people have said they've found the video that I made a long time ago helpful, so I'll have an updated version of that tomorrow.
  • Update 7: Haha, apparently there were still nasty bugs from the update. They should be fixed, plus I've tested 3- and 4-player games and implemented the special higher-player weapons like the shields and the bardic axe.
  • Update 8: I finally implemented charming and expeditious champions. I also added the ability to pass during the mine phase (and worker movement rewards) if you don't want to move an overseer.
  • Update 9: I've implemented bonus tiles that will activate every 3rd turn, giving players bonus resources and such with proper planning.
  • Update 10: Fixed lots of bugs, added some back in and then fixed those. The chat box now gives updates about what is going on in the game and there are animations for moving resources and cards around.
  • Update 11: Did you know there were still bugs in the code? I KNOW, right? Why can't I get my act together? Well, I fixed some of them and also added new tweaks to the rules: first player now gets two movements in the mine and the tiebreaker for rearranging player order is now opposite of what it was before. Craziness!
  • Update 12: Mechanics update. I've overhauled the quests to compensate for the increased resource generation in the mine and did a couple other minor balances/optimizations.
  • Update 13: A major mechanics revision is now in place. Plus all the graphics have been updated to reflect the new graphic design. It's not 100% to where it's going, but it's close. I'll upload some new tutorial videos shortly, but the rule book is up-to-date. Summary of changes: starting wealth cards, quest tokens phased out, market action spaces and a minor rebalancing of market and quest cards. Enjoy!