Frosthaven Monster Spoilers

S - standee number, D - difficulty

Algox Guard (S: 6, D: 1.5) High stats, no special bonuses

Algox Archer (S: 6, D: 1.5) High stats, no special bonuses

Algox Shaman (S: 4, D: 1.5) Innate shield and pierce

Algox Scout (S: 6, D: 1.5) High stats, no special bonuses

Algox Icespeaker (S: 4, D: 2) Melee, innate shield, inflicts brittle [no art yet]

Algox Snowspeaker (S: 4, D: 2) Ranged, innate push [no art yet]

Polar Bear (S: 4, D: 2) Melee, inflicts wound, immune to stun and immobilize

Living Doom (S: 4, D: 2) Melee, innate shield, inflicts bane, summons Living Spirits, dark affinity

Frozen Corpse (S: 6, D: 1.5) Melee, innate shield and retaliate, high hit points, low movement, inflicts immobilize, some area and ranged attacks, ice affinity

Ice Wraith (S: 6, D: 2, both normal and elite) Swaps between two forms: one is ranged with shield, and the other is melee with retaliate, ice affinity, flying

Burrowing Blade (S: 6, D: 1.5) Melee, high movement, inflicts wound, can become invisible, can focus on far away enemies, some multi-target attacks, earth affinity

Snow Imp (S: 10, D: 0.5) Ranged, inflicts brittle, flying

Chaos Demon (S: 4, D: 2) Melee, unpredictable, affinity to all elements

Lurker Mindsnipper (S: 6, D: 1.5) Ranged, multi-target attacks, pierce, inflicts muddle, can force enemies to attack each other, dark affinity

Lurker Clawcrusher (S: 4, D: 2) Melee, multi-target attacks, inflicts injure, innate shield, punishes high armor, earth affinity

Lurker Wavethrower (S: 6, D: 1) Mostly ranged, low damage with area effects, summons lighting eels and water hexes, inflicts immobilize

Lightning Eel (S: 10, D: 0.5) Melee, can only occupy water, can inflict stun, low hit points, jumps

Piranha Pig (S: 6, D: 1) Melee, inflicts wound, swarming bonuses, can heal based on damage, jumps

Abael (S: 6, D: 1) Melee, inflicts poison, low hit points, high damage, jumps

Ruined Machine (S: 10, D: 0.5) Melee, high hit points, but takes damage over time, self destructs, doing high damage to adjacent enemies, immune to poison and wound

Steel Automaton (S: 4, D: 3) Melee, similar to Stone Golem, immune to poison and wound

Robotic Boltshooter (S: 6, D: 1) Ranged, low hit points, high damage, multi-target attacks , immune to poison and wound

Flaming Bladespinner (S: 4, D: 2) Melee, innate retaliate, multi-target attacks, immune to poison and wound, fire affinity

Shrike Fiend (S: 6. D: 1.5) Mostly ranged, innate shield, inflicts muddle, multi-target attacks, dark affinity

Monsters from Gloomhaven:

City Guard, City Archer, Living Bones, Living Spirit, Frost Demon, Flame Demon, Earth Demon, Wind Demon, Sun Demon, Night Demon, Savvas Lavaflow, Savvas Icestorm, Rending Drake, Spitting Drake, Black Imp, Forest Imp, Hound, Ooze, Vermling Scout, Vermling Shaman, Lurker, Ancient Artillery