Gloomhaven monster spoilers

Bandit Guard Bandit Guard (6) - 1 - Male human in rugged clothes holding a sword and shield (mostly melee attacks) Bandit Archer Bandit Archer (6) - 1 - Female human in rugged clothes with a bow (mostly ranged attacks) City Guard City Guard (6) - 1 - Human in metal armor, holding a sword and shield (mostly melee attacks) City Archer City Archer (6) - 1 - Human in finely crafted leather armor holding a crossbow (mostly ranged attacks) Inox Guard Inox Guard (6) - 1 - Female Inox in tribal wooden armor carrying a large sword (mostly melee attacks) Inox Archer Inox Archer (6) - 1 - Male Inox with a bow (mostly ranged attacks) Inox Shaman Inox Shaman (4) - 1 - Male Inox wearing intricate tribal furs and carrying an elegant wooden staff (ranged attacks, debuffs and healing) Vermling Scout Vermling Scout (10) - 0.5 - Vermling in primitive attire wielding daggers with a bow on his back (mix of melee and ranged attacks) Vermling Shaman Vermling Shaman (6) - 1 - Vermling in primitive attire holding a gnarled staff (ranged attacks, debuffs and healing) Skeleton Living Bones (10) - 1 - Animated skeleton with multiple limbs and rotting armor (weak, multi-target melee attacks) Zombie Living Corpse (6) - 1 - Massive, bloated animated corpse, full of rot and seeping fluids (very slow, with many hit points and powerful melee attacks) Ghost Living Spirit (6) - 1 - Tormented spirit in ghostly chains (ranged attacks with debuffs, high defense but low hit points) Cultist Cultist (6) - 1 - Human in dark robes with a dagger (weak melee attacks, but can summon undead) Flame Demon Flame Demon (6) - 1.5 - A flying mass of fire in a vaguely humanoid shape (ranged attacks with low health but incredibly high defense) Frost Demon Frost Demon (6) - 1.5 - A tall, thin humanoid made of ice (melee attacks with high health and retaliation) Earth Demon Earth Demon (6) - 1.5 - Large, burly humanoid made of rocks and earth (slow with high health and melee damage) Wind Demon Wind Demon (6) - 1.5 - Flying whirl wind in a vaguely humanoid shape (area ranged attacks and high defenses) Night Demon Night Demon (6) - 1.5 - A horrific nightmare of claws shrouded in darkness (high melee damage and hard to hit) Sun Demon Sun Demon (6) - 1.5 - A flying ball of light in a vaguely humanoid shape (good health with accurate ranged attacks) Ooze Ooze (10) - 1 - A gelatinous green mass full of whatever was lying on the ground (ranged attacks with good health and the ability to replicate) Giant Viper Giant Viper (10) - 0.5 - A massive venomous snake (low health and melee damage, but poisonous) Forest Sprite Forest Imp (10) - 0.5 - Small flying humanoids with a green glow (low health and ranged damage with the ability to heal and curse) Hound Hound (6) - 1 - A vicious wolf-like dog (high movement and melee damage) Cave Bear Cave Bear (4) - 2 - A large, angry bear (high health, movement and melee damage) Stone Golem Stone Golem (6) - 2 - A massive arcane creature of stone and runes (high health and melee damage, with good defenses and slow movement) Ancient Artillery Ancient Artillery (6) - 1 - Mechanical automated turret guns the size of a human (immobile with attacks at a high range) Vicious Drake Vicious Drake (6) - 1.5 - A large red lizard with long claws (high melee damage with the ability to cause extra damage over time) Spitting Drake Spitting Drake (6) - 1.5 - A smaller flying red lizard (high ranged damage) Lurker Lurker (6) - 1.5 - Imposing shelled crab-like monsters from the depths of the ocean (high damage multi-target melee attacks) Savvas Icestorm Savvas Icestorm (4) - 2 - Powerful ranged attacker specializing in ice and air magic. Capable of summoning demons. Savvas Lavaflow Savvas Lavaflow (4) - 2 - Powerful ranged attacker specializing in fire and earth magic. Capable of summoning demons. Harrower Infester Harrower Infester (4) - 1.5 - Powerful Harrower warriors with many attacks at their disposal (retaliation, status effects and area melee attacks) Deep Terror Deep Terror (10) - 1 - Eye stalks with fanged tentacles. Mostly found deep in the ocean (immobile, high damage melee attacks and status inflicting ranged attacks) Black Imp Black Imp (10) - 0.5 - Small blobs of dark energy (low ranged damage with poison) BOSSES: Don't scroll down unless you want major spoilers! Bandit Leader Bandit Commander Merciless Overseer Merciless Overseer Inox Bodyguard Inox Bodyguards (2) Guard Captain Captain of the Guard Jekserah Jekserah Prime Demon Prime Demon Elder Drake Elder Drake The Bertayer The Betrayer The Colorless The Colorless The Sightless Eye The Sightless Eye Dark Rider - small Dark Rider Winged Horror Winged Horror The Gloom The Gloom