Frosthaven: Companion App V1.2 Release

February 27, 2023

Frosthaven: Companion App V1.2 Release

V1.2 Release - 02/24/2023

Major Features

- Full rework of the connected experience.

 * Fixed all connectivity issues (Room not found, disconnection during the game, etc).

 * Fixed desynchronization of decks

 * Fixed desynchronization of opening sections, and multiple opening of a section

 * Fixed synchronization of NPC name and status

Other Features

- You can now include the optional 1418 and 1419 cards in the Loot deck

- Loot cards are now assigned to the active character.

- Improvement of the monster condition assignment experience

- Initiative input automatic validation

- Ordering monster initiatives with Elite first.

- Assigning monster standee number has now a close button

- Summon standee number is now manually assigned.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed some edge case issues with monsters' ability extra draws.

- Fixed a bug where conditions on monsters and heroes were not expiring properly.

- Introducing new monsters mid-round properly draws a card and updates the ordering of initiative.

- Monsters created from opening sections now have their standee number starting from 1.

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